' It is what it is,what it was and what it will be...' , KC Grad, Belgrade , Serbia 2015

Departing from a myriad of archive sources, including the internet , found books and objects, the work presented delves in a diverse array of mediums ( video, collage . assemblage, etc ) weaving across disparate temporalities and ?situations ? to interlink seemingly disparate events such as the Youth Relay Race and the urban legend of Vlada Vasiljevic (Belgrade phantom) with other occurrences akin to the artist own work processes and meaning making mechanisms. Car parts and bread dough suspended from the ceiling and spread throughout the floor clutter the space , suggesting a frozen incident (something took place or is about to happen! ). The large floating screens hung from the ceiling , depicting dwellings and grottos , reworking imagery from a photo album ( author unknown) purchased in Kalenic flea market upon the artist residency the previous year. Blown in scale, these become scenarios where the viewer is invited to meander throughout the exhibition space, thus activating the work. The body of work reflects the artist continued interest in critical looking into notions of history and cultural sovereignty , and it's impact upon quotidian living and collective memory, past, present and future.

watch 'It is  what it is...' on vimeo  https://vimeo.com/133280500